The Total Mobility Scheme (TMS)

The Total Mobility scheme provides subsidized door-to-door transport services by taxi and specialist transport operators for people who, due to permanent disability, cannot use regular public transport services.  For example, you may not be able to get onto a bus or train without assistance or have difficulty handling money or train tickets.

If you are registered with the Total Mobility scheme and travel using an approved transport operator, Greater Wellington Regional Council will reimburse the taxi driver or specialist transport operator with half the fare (capped at a maximum of $40.00). You contribute the other half. 


The scheme was initiated in the early 1980s in response to the need of people with disabilities who are unable to use the public transport system.

This service is provided throughout New Zealand and is usually limited to urban areas with most regions having local authorities (usually regional councils) manage and operate the Scheme.

At present, there are approximately 43,000 registered members of the scheme nationally and consultation has shown that it is absolutely essential to those who rely on it. Please visit for more information.

Access and Eligibility

Currently our centre will complete assessment for people living between Peka Peka and Paekakariki. There is a non-refundable administration fee of $25.00 for the assessment. This includes our assessor visiting you in your home at a time that is convenient. They will complete the assessment and  take a passport sized photo of you. This will be put on to your swipecard. 

Q: How do I become a member of the Total Mobility scheme?
A: There are two ways to apply for the Total Mobility Scheme, (a) a health referral or (b) by self-referral. 

(a) Health Referral
You can be referred to us by your:

  • Family/whānau or Local Health Centre
  • Health Professional
  • Care Provider

They can contact us on your behalf and request an assessment to be completed.

(b) Self Referral
You can contact us directly at the Disability & Information and Equipment Centre on 04 298 2914 or 0800 69 33 42 and request an appointment to be assessed.

Once we have received your request there are three  stages to be followed;


We record all referrals on a referral form and  may contact you to discuss your situation further.  If we’re satisfied that you seem to meet the criteria of being “a person with a disability which permanently affects your mobility”, we’ll then forward your details to an approved assessor.

Your  Assessment & Processing your Application

Your assessor  will contact you by phone to arrange a time to visit you in your home. You can discuss your needs and we assess your eligibility for the scheme. Once the assessment is complete, the assessor will take a passport sized photo of you for your swipe card.

There is a non-refundable administration fee of $25.00 for the assessment which you will need to pay to the assessor when they visit. They will happily accept cash or a cheque. A receipt will be issued at the time of your assessment.

Following your assessment, the application is sent to the Regional Council for their approval.  If your application is  approved, the Regional Council will send  information on the scheme and your new swipe card through the post. Usually taking five to ten days. The final decision rests with the Greater  Wellington Regional Council.

Questions & Answers 

Q: How do I use my Total Mobility photo identification card?   Total Mobility Swipe Card
A: You must show your Total Mobility photo identification card to the driver every time you use a Total Mobility service. The driver will check your 

identification at the start of the trip and calculate your share of the fare at the end of the trip. Make sure you get your card back before leaving the vehicle.

 Q: Can I use my Total Mobility photo identification card in any taxi?
A: No, not all transport operators provide Total Mobility services. Please refer to the back page for a list of  operators who provide Total Mobility services.

 Q: Are wheelchair vans covered by Total Mobility?  A: Yes

 Q: Can I travel with a companion?  A: Yes

Q: Can my caregiver do the shopping and use my Total Mobility photo identification card?
A:  No, only members of the Total Mobility scheme can use Total Mobility services.

Q: Can I use Total Mobility outside the Wellington region? 
A: Yes, you will need to phone 0800 801 700 at least ten days prior to your travel for a supply of Total Mobility vouchers to use while outside the region.

Q: What if my Total Mobility photo identification card is lost or stolen? 
A: You will need to phone the DIEC on 0800 69 33 42 or the GWRC as soon as possible by calling 0800 801 700 for a new card.  You don’t need to send us a new photo but you may be charged a replacement card fee.

To receive the Total Mobility discount you must be a registered user of the Total Mobility scheme and must be using one of the following transport operators when travelling in the Wellington region.

 Transport Providers in the Wellington Region

Lower Hutt           
Hutt & City Taxis Ltd                         (04)  570 0057

Hutt Valley
Golden Oldies                                   (04) 528 2868

Paraparaumu Taxis Ltd                    (04)  296 1111  

TMS Taxi - Porirua taxiPorirua 
Porirua Taxi Marketing Ltd               (04)  337 6099 

Driving Miss Daisy                           0800 948 432
Freedom Companion Drivers         0800 956 956

Masterton Radio Taxis Ltd               (06)  378 2555
Rideshop Ltd (Masterton)                 (06)  377 4231

Airport & City Bus Shuttles             (04)  977 4747
Wellington Combined Taxis Ltd      (04)  384 4444
Kiwi Cabs                                        (04) 389 9999

Please visit for more information on transport providers and the all of the Total  Mobility Scheme’s terms and conditions.


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