Mobility Parking

The Mobility Parking Permit Scheme is concession-parking scheme owned and administered by CCS Disability Action with the cooperation of local GP’s, cities and district councils through out New Zealand.  A Mobility Parking Permit enables the permit holder to park in accessible reserved parking spaces or park longer than the stated time in some standard car parks and metered spaces. Mobility Parking Permit

CCS Disability Action administers the Mobility Parking Permit Scheme but the provision and enforcement of car parks is the responsibility of local councils and private parking providers. 

To qualify for a mobility permit, you must:


  • Be unable to walk and be reliant on a wheelchair for mobility, or
  • Rely on mobility devices (eg. crutches, walking sticks, walking frames), or
  • Be unable to walk more than 200 metres unassisted because of the nature / severity of your condition

If you have a temporary disability (e.g. a broken leg) you may also be eligible.

Obtaining a Permit

All applications have to be certified by a doctor. Contact your doctor or your local CCS Disability Action office for an application form or

Download an application form and information sheet (PDF 811 kB)

Permit Cost

  • Short-term permits, valid for up to 12 months: $35.00 incl GST
  • Long-term permits, last for a five-year term:    $50.00 incl GST

Prices are subject to change. 

Lost or theft of a Mobility Parking Permit

If your permit has been lost or stolen or you no longer require the permit please notify the nearest CCS Disability Action office as soon as possible on 0800 227 2255.

If a replacement permit is needed you can fill in an application form for a replacement permit. The old permit number will be cancelled.

Travelling Overseas

New Zealand issued mobility permits may not be accepted in other countries.Before leaving New Zealand, you should establish if your permit is accepted in the country you are visiting.

The CCS Disability Action website has a list of contacts for disability parking in other countries or go to the FIA guide for the disabled traveller.

Overseas Visitors to New Zealand

We recommend that people visiting New Zealand obtain a short-term mobility parking permit, as permits from other countries are not recognised in all regions. Overseas visitors are recommended to obtain a short-term mobility parking permit as some local councils and private parking enforcement agencies will issue traffic tickets to vehicles displaying permits issued in other countries.

The cost of the permit is NZ$35 and is valid for up to 12 months.  
Mobility Parking Space

To apply for a CCS Mobility Parking Permit prior to your arrival in New Zealand you can:

• Email - simply download an application form for Overseas Visitors and email it with a scanned copy of your existing permit to:

The Auckland office if you will be arriving in the North Island -  

The Christchurch office if you will be arriving in the South Island -

 • Post- if you would prefer to post your application form, addresses are available on the application form, but please allow at least 4 weeks.

The CCS will post your parking permit to your accommodation in New Zealand. If you want the permit to be posted to your home address, an additional fee will be charged and you need to indicate this when you apply.

To apply for a CCS Mobility Parking Permit after your arrival in New Zealand you can: 

• Go in person - If you are already in New Zealand you can drop into your nearest CCS branch and obtain a permit immediately - but you need to be able to show your parking permit from your home country as evidence of eligibility.


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