Health and Disability Commission

Everyone using a health and disability service has the protection of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights.

An Independent Commissioner promotes and protects these rights under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994. Independent Advocates are also available to support consumers to uphold their rights under the act.

You have the following rights when you are receiving a Health or Disability Service:

  • Respect

  • Fair Treatment

  • Dignity and Independence

  • Appropriate Standards

  • Effective Communication

  • Information

  • Choice and Consent

  • Support

  • Rights during Teaching & Research

  • Have your complaint taken seriously

 Unhappy with the service….you can take action!

 You can take action if you are unhappy about the service you received from a health or disability service provider by:

  • Take your concerns directly to the person or Organisation that provided the service

  • Get help and support from friends, family or whanau to raise your concerns with the provider

  • Seek the support of an advocate to help you to resolve your concerns


  • Listens to your concerns

  • Gives you information about your rights

  • Helps you identify and clarify issues

  • Helps you to explore the options available to assist you to resolve each issue

  • Supports you in the actions you take to resolve your concerns.

To find a local Advocate service contact on of the following toll free numbers or visit the Health & Disability website.

Wellington Region Offices

National Toll Free Numbers:

Lower Hutt:  (04) 570 0850

Porirua:  (04) 237 0418

Wellington:  (04) 389 2502

Upper North Island: 0800 555 050

Mid/Lower North Island: 0800 423 638

South Island: 0800 377 766

  • Free: There is no charge as the service is funded under the Health & Disability Commissioner Act 1994.

  • Independent: Advocates are employed by services independent of health & disability service providers (eg: GP’s, physio, nurses etc) and funders and from government agencies.

  • Confidential: Advocates will keep your information confidential.

  • On the side of the consumer: An advocate will support consumers who believe their rights under the Code of Rights have been breeched.

  • Available to give presentations: Advocates are available to give free presentations to both consumer & provider groups, on Advocacy, the Health & Disability Commissioner, and The Code of Rights.

This information is from the HDC produced brochure :

‘Having a problem with a health or disability service? Call your local Advocate’

 This information and more on the Code of Rights is available from your Health & Disability Service Provider, your Advocate or from the Health & Disability Commission.

The contact details for  the Health & Disability Commission are:

 Free phone: 0800 11 22 33 or  Website at

Physical Address
110 Rimu Road
Kapiti Coast
Centre Hours
Monday to Friday 
9:00am to 3:00pm
Postal Address
PO Box 23
Kapiti Coast
New Zealand

Phone Number
04 298 2914