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We have listed our most popular equipment and daily living aids that can be purchased via internet banking or Mastercard/Visa/Visa debit using PayPal. 

If you can not find what you are looking for please use the enquiry form or phone us on 04 298 2914 and let us know - We can usually source what you want for a very competitive price!

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  • Ashby Toilet Raiser
    This moulded raised toilet seat can be securely fitted in seconds with 2 full adjustable brackets featuring easy grip adjustment knobs. The wide frontal opening makes personal cleaning easier and the one piece construction allows it to be autoclaved.
    NZ$79.00 Each
  • Derby RTS Prima Toilet Seat Raiser
    This cost-efficient, robust molded raiser is easily fitted into position by a self-locating dipped front and two easily-adjusted external knobs on either side.
    NZ$107.00 Each
  • MP Raised Toilet Seat
    NZ$86.00 Each
  • MP Raised Toilet Seat 4
    NZ$70.00 Each
  • Viking Over Toilet Frame
    This raiser is designed to assist a person on and off the toilet...
    NZ$126.00 Each
  • Chevron Toilet Surround
    Freestanding frame.
    Made from pre-treated anti-rust steel.
    NZ$123.00 Each
  • Oakwood Toilet Surround
    This simple-to-fit toilet surround attaches to the rear of the toilet.
    Made from aluminium, it has moulded armrests.
    Height and width are both adjustable.
    NZ$178.00 Each
  • Viking ® Economy Bedside Commode
    Comes with padded vinyl upholstery and removable standard toilet seat. Made of steel, pre-treated for extra rust protection. Removable back. Stackable. Standard with grey frame and slate upholstery
    NZ$240.00 Each


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