Possum & Merino Wool Socks

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  • Merino Wool Comfort Top
    This merino sock has a soft non restrictive top which is ideal for people with fluid retention and circulation issues. The foot area is cushioned with arch support.

    Colour: Black only

    Fibre Content:

    80% Merino Wool
    20% Nylon
    NZ$ 28.00
  • Possum & Merino Dress Sock
    This is a sock that is a mix of possum & merino fibres making it an ideal day wear dress sock in a plain knit design.

    Available in: Natural, Black, Red, Violet, Riverstone, Fuschia

    Fibre Content:

    50% Merino Wool
    40 % Possum Fibre
    10% Nylon
    NZ$ 38.00 Pair
  • Possum & Merino Rover Sock
    This is a mid weight sock to wear in either shoes or a casual boot. This sock has a cushioned sole, heel and toe. It has a plain knit design through out the top
    of the foot and leg areas.

    It is available in: Natural or Black

    Fibre Content:
    50% Merino
    40% Possum
    10% Nylon
    NZ$ 44.00 Pair
  • Possum & Merino Worker Sock
    This is a gumboot sock for those cold days. They have a heavily reinforced foot, heel, toe and shin areas are fully cushioned with ankle and arch supports

    Available in: Natural Only

    Fibre Content:

    50% Merino Wool
    25 % Possum Fibre
    10% Nylon
    10% Isofil (Polypropylene)
    5% Elastane
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Possum Comfort top
    This sock is ideal if you have fluid retention or circulation problems/issues.

    It has a soft non restrictive top while the combination of merino wool and possum fibre will ensure constant warmth and comfort. It has a cushioned foot and arch support.

    Fibre Content:

    * 45% Merino Wool
    * 40% Possum Fibre
    * 10% Nylon/Lycra
    * 5% Isofil (Polypropylene)
    NZ$ 44.00 Pair
  • Possum and Merino Slipper
    This slipper is pure Luxury around the home.The slipper sock are ankle length and are made from a possum and merino fur blend that have a non slip tread on the sole making this ideal for homes with wooden floors or areas of the home that have vinyl or are tiled.

    Styles Available:

    Kiwi Motif with "NZ" (Natural Only)
    Silver Motif with a Silver Fern Tread (Black Only)
    Plain with feet tread (Natural and Black)

    Fibre Content:

    48% Acrylic Content
    40% Wool
    2% PVC Resin

    Fits up to Size 9
    NZ$ 27.00 Pair


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