Kapiti Red Cross Transport

Kāpiti Red Cross Transport

The Red Cross Monday to Friday Door to Door Kapiti Community & Health Transport Service for Kāpiti people so they can get to hospital appointments at Kenepuru Community Hospital and the Wellington Regional Hospital. 

How Do I Make A Booking?  

To make a booking please contact:

Kāpiti Transport Coordinator, Deanne Tel: (04) 298 4316Kapiti Red Cross Van

  • People can also leave a message on the answer-phone. 
  • Deanne is in the office Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm. 
  • Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance but people should book the Kāpiti shuttle van as soon as they receive their hospital appointment

Am I Eligible?

  • The service is for Kāpiti people with a hospital appointment who, due to lack of financial resources, an inability to use public transport or, having no support people/family able to assist them with private transport and/or find it difficult to arrange or pay for transport.
  • Kāpiti people attending appointments at Kenepuru Community Hospital and Wellington Regional Hospital can request their appointments be between 10am and 3pm. There may be times when appointments cannot be scheduled during these hours or hospital staff making the appointment is not aware of the agreement. 

How the service works...

Is There A Charge To Travel On the Kāpiti Shuttle Van?There is no charge for travelling on the Kāpiti shuttle van but a donation or koha is very much appreciated to keep the van operating.  A receipt will be provided if required.

 Who Drives The Kāpiti Shuttle Van? 
 Volunteer drivers who have been trained to meet Red Cross requirements drive the Kāpiti shuttle van.  If    people  are interested in being trained to be a Kāpiti Transport volunteer driver contact Deanne Coulter Tel 04 2984316.

How Often And Where Does The Kāpiti Shuttle Van Operate?
The Kāpiti shuttle van operates Monday to Friday.  It seats 7 people and has storage room for 1 folding wheelchair.  The Kāpiti shuttle van will pick people up and drop people back off at their home anywhere between Pekapeka and Paekakariki.

What Is The Difference Between This Transport Service And Kāpiti Carers?
This transport service is for people of all ages who are more mobile, are independent and meet the eligibility criteria.  Kāpiti Carers provide their service to primarily older people who need to be assisted and supported before and during their hospital appointment.

If I live in Otaki and have a hospital appointment at Kenepuru Community Hospital or Wellington Regional Hospital can I use the van?
Yes, if you can manage to arrange transport to and from Waikanae, Otaki people can be picked up by the Kāpiti shuttle van opposite Woolworths, at the public bus stop in Ngaio Street, Waikanae.

Can I bring my children or support person?
Yes, depending on the bookings for that trip child/ren and a support person are welcome.  A child car restraint may be available. 

Can I use this service if my child has a hospital appointment? 
Yes, a parent or caregiver can access the Kāpiti shuttle van with their child/ren.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes, the Kāpiti shuttle van may sometimes connect with the Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) Transport Shuttle that leaves and returns hourly from Kenepuru Community Hospital and Wellington Regional Hospital. 

The Transport Service Coordinator will advise people if the Kāpiti shuttle van is connecting and will book people on the CCDHB shuttle both ways and arrange for the Kāpiti shuttle van to connect back at Kenepuru to pick up and drop people off at home in Kāpiti.

If you need more information please contact the 
Kāpiti Transport Coordinator  
Phone: (04) 297 3142.

Physical Address
15a Ngahina Street
Paraparaumu 5032
Kapiti Coast

Open Monday to Friday
9:00am to 4:00pm
Postal Address
PO Box 23
Kapiti Coast
New Zealand

Phone Number
04 298 2914
0800 69 33 42